OPC Curriculum Overview

The OPC program is divided into 5 main Subject Areas, with 5 Learning Modules attached to each area that are typically take place over 5 years of study. They provide complementary learning for each other. All Subject Areas and Learning Modules are offered through a variety of teaching and learning strategies, methods and activities suited to preparing students to practice as a counsellor/therapist or psychotherapist. A periodic review conducted by the faculty, Assistant Director or Education Director is in place to review student progress in the program and completion of required learning modules and assignments.

Students are required to be engaged in reading, academic studies and individual and group learning assignments throughout the program. The Subject Areas only are outlined here for the curriculum. Details of the Learning Modules and content to be covered in each Subject Area over the 5 years and the required resources and assignment requirements will be covered in more detail with prospective student applicants in the acceptance to admittance process.

Students develop the learning and critical thinking skills necessary for the systematic examination of theoretical and/or applied issues in areas over the curriculum that require reading, reflection, research and the preparation and presentation of oral and written projects for evaluation. Participation in group dynamics is also required to experience embodied learning, shared personal histories, reflections and relational feedback and learning.

The curriculum also includes additional material for each Learning Module that will be described in detail at each stage when accepted in the program:

  • Required and suggested readings/ resources
  • Learning/ teaching methods
  • Required Assignments

Each student assignment will be posted and attached to the part of the curriculum that it is related to a specific Subject Area, Learning Module, residency, group session or independent learning. Each Assignment will be described by its title, purpose, instructions, required and suggested readings and resources. Written assignments are to be prepared using APA style for all referencing and citation from the most current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.