Ontario Psychotherapy Training & Counseling Certificate Program - OPC's History

In 2000, Jo-Anne Corbeil conducted the first bi-monthly learning groups for one year and pioneered a beginning vision that was later to transform into the present Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program (OPC). Jo-Anne invited Barbara Dewar to become a co-founder and co-creator of Espritedu Training Program for Psychotherapy Associates to expand the vision and implementation of psychotherapy training in a more formalized program.

In January of 2009, by mutual agreement, Espritedu Training for Psychotherapy Associates changed its name to the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program (OPC) and in the next year the psychotherapy training program expanded into to the forum that is presently used. Jo-Anne Corbeil left Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling and leading OPC learning groups in the summer of 2010.

Staying Current with Psychotherapy Training Requirements

OPC continues to revise its academic and experiential program to make the Ontario Psychotherapy Training and Counseling Program increasingly current and effective. OPC is proactively preparing to make an application with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) so that OPC graduates can become a Registered Psychotherapist.

Training Program Development and Faculty

Barbara Dewar is a psychotherapist and the Educational Director (ED) of OPC and continues to conduct a bi-monthly learning group and to supervise psychotherapy students in clinical practice, as do other OPC facilitators and faculty. The Educational Director continues to facilitate the OPC learning residencies and to develop the curriculum of the psychotherapy training and counseling certificate program in consultation with Dr. Heather Lee Kilty (Adjunct Faculty) and Amy McGrath (Assistant Educational Director).

Blake Carter became an OPC Associate faculty member in April 2006 in order to facilitate a mixed learning group. Since September of 2008, Blake, also a psychotherapist, co-facilitated the learning residencies with Barbara Dewar until September, 2009. Blake presently conducts two bi-monthly learning groups.

Dr. Heather Lee Kilty joined the faculty of OPC as Adjunct Faculty in January of 2007. Heather conducts the special yearly required seminars and workshops for the psychotherapy and counseling students on topics relevant to OPC studies. Heather Lee Kilty became an advisor for the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program curriculum in June of 2010.

Amy McGrath is a psychotherapist and joined the faculty of OPC as Tutorial Assistant, in May, 2008. Amy provided tutoring, consultation and mentoring for the students in all aspects of their academic work until September, 2010. In September, of 2009, Amy began facilitating a bi-monthly learning group and added a second and third group in February and September of 2010. Amy has supervised students in clinical practice since September, 2009. In September, 2010 Amy became the Assistant Educational Director of OPC and advisor for the psychotherapy training curriculum.

Mitra Montazeri joined OPC in 2004 to develop and later to teach the required unit on understanding pharmacology in the OPC academic program. Although she has moved to London England, she continues to be an active associate member of the OPC program and will be delivering the pharmacology module.

NOTE: It is evident from the faculty biographies that each faculty brings their own unique related skills, talents and knowledge to strengthen the learning in the OPC program. Faculty operate within the overall curriculum, learning objectives and program in an ongoing interconnected way for the well being of the students, the program and each other. The success of the Ontario Psychotherapy Training and Counseling Program is built on dialogue based on honesty, integrity, love and respect for one another.