An invitation to a Lecture and Discussion: Psychotherapy And The Spiritual Dimension

The Spiritual Dimension in Psychotherapy Practice (Paradigmatic shift in Psychoanalytic Literature)

1. Moving away from natural science, the empirical method, and objective reality in psychotherapy.

2. Shifting to social science based on interpretation, meaning and subjective truth referred to as relational psychotherapy.

3. Developing a holistic weltanschauung (world view) consciousness of interrelationships of parts to a whole Psychotherapy: Social Science in Relation to a Spiritual and Holistic World View (Distinguishing religion and spirituality in clinical practice)

4. What are the differences?

5. What are the similarities?

Three Discussions of Spiritual Dimensions and their Relationship to Psychotherapypresented by Jo-Anne Corbeil

Sylvia Fraser, Guest Speaker, author of My Father's House: A Memoir of Incest and Healing; The Book of Strange; The Rope in the Water: A Pilgrimage to India.

Barbara Dewar Therapeutic Communications Including Spiritual Dimensions (Guiding principles)

1. Communications that support interior growth while exploring the spiritual domain.

2. Caveats while exploring the spiritual dimension in clinical practice.

Invitation: JoAnne Corbeil, Barbara Dewar invite you to Lecture and one hour discussion: November 27, 2004 1:00 - 5:00 P.M. Cost: $25.00 316 Dupont Street - 416-920-WELL R.S.V.P.