Ontario Psychotherapy & Counseling Program

An Officially Recognized Educational and Training Program by the Ontario College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) 

About OPC

The Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program (OPC) is both a psychotherapy training program and a Psychotherapist Referral Network, with counselors and psychotherapists in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Barrie, Northumberland, Peterborough, Ottawa, St. Catharines, Niagara, London and other regions in Ontario. If you're looking for an Ontario Psychotherapist, find out more about our Psychotherapist Referral Service here.

Become a Psychotherapist and Counselor

psychotherapy training toronto schoolThe Psychotherapy Training Program at OPC combines academic and experiential learning that enables students to integrate self knowledge, embedded learning, interpersonal communication, theory and skills into practice in psychotherapy and counseling. The training program offers a rich five-year curriculum in a flexible format that enables students to attend to work, family and other aspects of their lives.

OPC's Psychotherapist Training Curriculum is in alignment with the competencies expected by psychotherapist professional associations, and with requirements for becoming Registered Psychotherapists that we anticipate will be introduced by the new College of Registered Psychotherapists and Registered Mental Health Therapists of Ontario. OPC has been actively involved, with other psychotherapy training institutes in Ontario, with the College's work towards formulating a core curriculum for training psychotherapists. Our goal is to ensure that our graduate psychotherapists and counselors are well prepared to become Registered Psychotherapists with the CRPO.

We invite you to explore your desire to become a psychotherapist by browsing through our training program documents here on the OPC website. Most of the information you'll find here has been adapted from the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program's Student Handbook.

Once you've reviewed the OPC Psychotherapy Training Program Overview, Philosophy, Curriculum, and other student orientation materials here, we hope you'll decide to apply to become a member of our community of learners. You can download our application form and professional reference form or contact us if you have any questions.

Psychotherapy Training Seminars, Videos and Events

Jean Vanier presentationIn addition to OPC's core curriculum, we often host Psychotherapy Training Workshops and produce other resources, such as training videos and podcast interviews with special guests, that are of interest to other professionals in the mental health and wellness community.

Some of the special lectures we have hosted include Jean Vanier on Healing and Inner Liberation, Harville Hendrix on Imago Couples Counseling, and Gabor Mate on Addictions and Psychotherapy.

Some of the seminars and workshops are designed with the goal of satisfying anticipated requirements of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, such as our Pharmacology Workshop for Psychotherapists.

We're pleased to share some psychotherapy training videos, resources and other materials from past workshops and events, and encourage you to follow OPC on Twitter and Facebook, where we post details about upcoming Ontario Psychotherapy Training seminars and community events.

Psychotherapist Referral Network

If you're in a complementary profession and have clients who may be in search of a counselor or psychotherapist in Toronto, the GTA, or another Ontario city, you can find out more about our Referral Network here, or send your client directly to our Therapist Referral Form to find a psychotherapist here.

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