Basic Pharmacology for Psychotherapists

Ontario Psychotherapy & Counseling Program

2015 Workshop Series: Basic Pharmacology for Psychotherapists

The field of mental health and well-being is more and more requiring a multi-modal, holistic approach to the practice and process of psychotherapy.  As practitioners within this diverse environment, it is an important augmentation to a therapist’s knowledge to be conversant in, and informed about, the kinds of psychopharmacological interventions that are often used in conjunction with psychotherapeutic work.

OPC 2016 Lecture Series: Diversity and the Changing Face of Canada

Working clinically within a multicultural and multiracial context

Ethics and Professional Practice in the New World of Regulation

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  •  Update on the formation of the New College through the lens of draft regulation developed by the Transitional College.
  • A review of the competency based model for Registered Psychotherapists with a mapping to curriculum.
  • A review of case scenarios examined through the competency model.

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New Educational Video Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for another dynamic educational video that OPC will be posting to our website very soon! 

Women's Mid-Life Retreat: May 1, 2, & 3, 2009 week-end

Come to the eighth annual spring renewal retreat for mid-life women. There will be an opportunity for honest sharing and creative expression in a safe country setting. I have learned to look forward to this retreat all year. My spirit gets recharged in communion with the mid-life community.

The Implications of Quantum and Shamanic Psychology for Healing

An Invitation to a Seminar and Discussion on Saturday November 26, 2005 from 12:00 to 5:00 P.M. Light Snacks will be provided and the cost is $30.00

Topic: The Implications of Quantum and Shamanic Psychology for Healing Vincent Pace: Medium and Composer. A half an hour of inspirational music

An invitation to a Lecture and Discussion: Psychotherapy And The Spiritual Dimension

The Spiritual Dimension in Psychotherapy Practice (Paradigmatic shift in Psychoanalytic Literature)

1. Moving away from natural science, the empirical method, and objective reality in psychotherapy.

2. Shifting to social science based on interpretation, meaning and subjective truth referred to as relational psychotherapy.

Jean Vanier speaks on Healing and Inner Liberation - July 4, 2007

Espritedu training program for psychotherapists/counselors invites Jean Vanier to speak on the topic: Healing and Inner Liberation

Where Theories of Human Development and The Feminist Movement Begin to Work on the Same Project

Jo-Anne Corbeil and Barbara Dewar are sending you an invitation to audit our Lecture on November 29, 2003 at 316 Dupont Street at 1:00 P.M. $ 25. at the door or sliding scale. The topic:

Where Theories of Human Development and The Feminist Movement Begin to Work on the Same Project Supporting a Pathway to Cultural Inclusion

This lecture traces the history of theories of human development (psychodynamic/child development), challenges by the feminist movement and Esprit Social practice and supports connection in understanding another culture. We see a movement from de-contextualized theory where the expert makes universal statements about human growth to contextualized theory where the issues involve understanding personal context from a health model rather than a disease perspective.

Look forward to the announcement of our next speaker for our Speaker Series

Please contact Barbara Dewar or Jo-Anne Corbeil
at 416-920-9355 for more information.

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