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About OPC's Psychotherapy Training Videos & Resources

In addition to the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Certificate Program, which provides a full curriculum of training for psychotherapists and counselors, OPC produces training videos and guest interviews, and hosts professional seminars and public events of interest to anyone involved in healing, whether as a psychotherapist, counselor or other mental health professional, or as an individual on their own journey of healing and growth. Browse through the overview of offerings below, and be sure to join the OPC community on Twitter to stay abreast of new OPC Training Videos, and other presentations as they become available.

OPC Graduate film presentation

Student performance during an OPC Residency

Maureen Jennings, author and former therapist, on Creativity & Psychotherapy

In this 3-part video series, Toronto Psychotherapist Kerry Tobin interviews Maureen Jennings on creativity and psychotherapy, creative expression group work and Maureen’s work as an author and creator of popular television programs.

Bereavement Support Group Training Video

Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program video about our Bereavement Support Group training and facilitation by OPC's Luisa Nylund, psychotherapist and grief counselor. Available in English and Spanish.

Harville Hendrix - Imago Therapy for Couples

In September 2010, Harville Hendrix provided a full weekend training seminar on Imago Therapy for Couples. Graduates of the Ontario Psychotherapy Training and Counseling Program and guest professionals received Certification. We're pleased to present this video of Harville Hendrix on Imago Therapy for Couples, an interview with OPC's Adjunct Faculty member, Dr. Heather Lee Kilty, in two parts.

Freud and Dora Training Videos: OPC's film adaptation of Sigmund Freud's most famous case study

The Dora Unveiled video series is an educational film adaptation of Sigmund Freud's treatment of Dora, in six parts. The five Dora in Treatment Videos represent a historical and educational journey through psychoanalytic movements from Freud's treatment of Dora through to present-day psychotherapy approaches. And, finally, our Freudian Slips video features humourous outtakes from the filming of both of the Freud and Dora video series.

Freud & Dora - Dora Unveiled:

Dora in Treatment - A Journey Through Psychoanalytic Movements:

Freudian Slips:

Jean Vanier Video Series

OPC was honoured to host a public lecture by Jean Vanier on Healing and Inner Liberation. We're pleased to present this moving and inspiring video series of the full lecture in four parts, followed by a two-part interview with OPC's Adjunct Faculty Member, Dr. Heather Lee Kilty and another video in which faculty members share their reflections on Jean Vanier's presentation.

Gabor Mate - Interview Podcast

Gabor Mate, author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts is interviewed on the topic of addictions as it relates to questions about psychotherapy, counseling and life, with host Jo-Anne Corbeil of Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program.