The Implications of Quantum and Shamanic Psychology for Healing

An Invitation to a Seminar and Discussion on Saturday November 26, 2005 from 12:00 to 5:00 P.M. Light Snacks will be provided and the cost is $30.00

Topic: The Implications of Quantum and Shamanic Psychology for Healing Vincent Pace: Medium and Composer. A half an hour of inspirational music

Jo-Anne Corbeil: M.T.C. candidate, faculty of Espritedu and psychotherapist. - Jo-Anne will share her extensive research and her personal understanding of Shamanic healing. She will explore how Shamanic healing works with emotional and physical healing via the spiritual aspect of disease. Shamans speak about soul loss, power loss, and spiritual blockages and use such methods as ritual and dreams for restoring daily balance and harmony. Jo-Anne will exchange ideas by story telling and personal anecdotes.

Barbara Dewar: faculty of Espritedu and psychotherapist. Barbara will be mapping psychological and cellular field energies with the physics of quantum potentials She will be exploring the phenomena of field energy by vibratory resonance between psychological relationships, and cellular Communications. The natural order of life will be explored by present explorations in quantum physics.