Toronto Psychotherapist Kerry Tobin and Maureen Jennings on Creativity

Toronto Psychotherapist Kerry Tobin interviews author and former therapist Maureen Jennings in a 3-part video series about psychotherapy and creativity.

An Associate of the Ontario Psychotherapy & Counseling Referral Network, Kerry Tobin credits her early work with Jennings, both individually and in Creative Expression Groups, with instilling courage and passion to explore her creativity and develop both personally and professionally, as an artist, psychotherapist and individual.

In Part 1, Psychotherapy and Creativity, Kerry and Maureen Jennings discuss how psychotherapy can help us discover and tap into our creativity and the courage to explore our passions.

The therapeutic potential of Creative Groups is discussed in Part 2 of the series, which opens and closes with references to Jennings’ book, The Map of Your Mind.

Maureen Jennings the Author is the subject of the final video in the series, with Maureen sharing some of her own journey into her writing career with us.