Creative Groups - an Interview with Former Therapist and Author Maureen Jennings

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Maureen Jennings, author of The Map of Your Mind and many other books, is interviewed here by Toronto Psychotherapist Terry Tobin in Part 2 of OPC’s 3-Part Series on Psychotherapy and Creativity.

Kerry and Maureen explore how Creative Expression Group work, with its processes of putting internal things into a medium outside yourself and having that witnessed in a non-judgmental and caring space can lead to growth and healing in relationships, as well as developing individual creative and expressive potential. In this segment, Tobin and Jennings share some of their own travels through Creative Group Work toward developing their respective art and individuality.

“We would often limit the idea of the creative, to the visual arts, music, writing — but it’s not true — it can be absolutely anywhere…that creative drive is always there, it just needs to be encouraged…”, says Jennings.


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