OPC and Recognition by the CRPO

OPC becomes recognized training and educational program by the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).

In the Fall of 2016, after a long process of submitting curriculum and educational materials to the CRPO, OPC received the ‘nod’ from the College as a recognized training program for Psychotherapists in Ontario.


As stated by the CRPO,

“Programs seeking recognition will be asked to submit detailed information about their curricula, faculty members, staffing structure, facilities, admission policies and process for handling student complaints, among other items. In addition, they will be asked to map their education and training objectives and learning outcomes to selected competencies from the Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile, which lists the competencies required of individuals entering practice for the first time, so that they may practice safely, effectively and ethically across a variety of practice settings. Programs should also review the Framework for Reviewing and Recognizing Psychotherapy Education & Training Programs as this Framework will assist programs in developing or revising their curricula and will facilitate their application for recognition by CRPO”.

This process, ensures that programs and those who graduate from them have been trained in the entry-to-practice competency and thus are prepared to take the competency exam for admittance into the CRPO as a Registered Psychotherapist.

OPC is proud to share that all our graduates to date have either passed the exam or grandparented in and been admitted into the CRPO.