About the Ontario Psychotherapy & Counseling Program

The Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program (OPC) is both a psychotherapy training program and a Psychotherapist Referral Network, with counselors and psychotherapists in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Barrie, Northumberland, Peterborough, Ottawa, St. Catharines, Niagara, London and other regions in Ontario.

Our History

The Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program (OPC) began in 2001 by the Founder, Barbara Dewar who is now a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) with the College of Registered Psychotherapy of Ontario (CRPO). Barbara was the Educational Director of OPC from 2001- 2016. The beginnings of OPC grew out of the rich soil of practicing therapists yearning for more training and the need for more entry to practice training for those wanting to become a psychotherapist. The beginnings drew together individuals who valued deep psychodynamic exploration, experiential learning, ongoing education and an emphasis on building a therapeutic relationship with clients.

Through Ms. Dewar’s passion and leadership OPC began to take form in the province with a mission to educate students in the theory and practice of psychotherapy. It was created with a focus on psychodynamic therapy and with an integrated academic, relational, clinical and experiential professional program of study that continues to this day.

Ms. Dewar was assisted in the early stages by Amy McGrath (RP), as the Assistant Educational Director and Dr. Heather Lee Kilty as Curriculum Consultant. Ms. Dewar, in collaboration with Ms. McGrath and Dr. Kilty, did the groundwork from 2014-2016 for OPC to be an officially recognized educational and training program by the CRPO in October of 2016.

In August of 2016, Ms. Dewar passed the mantel of Educational Director to Ms. Amy McGrath to continue in the rich traditions and commitments of teaching the art of psychotherapy and professional practice in the spirit of OPC’s beginnings.

Through this tremendous journey, not only did OPC become recognized by the CRPO, but in 2019, OPC was also registered as a Private Career College.

OPC continues to unfold, grow and develop meeting the challenges and needs of learners and potential clients in an ever-changing world. The education and training at OPC equip our graduates to apply to the CRPO to become Registered Psychotherapists.