Welcome and introduction to the program

Welcome to the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling (OPC) Certificate educational and training program in psychotherapy and counseling. We are pleased you have decided to consider joining our community of learners.

The OPC program provides opportunities to learn how to integrate self knowledge, embedded learning, interpersonal communication, theory and skills into practice in psychotherapy and counseling. Learning approaches in the program include academic studies, learning groups, residency weekends, web-based academic exchanges, independent reading assignments, supervised clinical practicum, a Concentration Study/Mastery Thesis and special lectures and workshops. The entire program is intended to assist you to integrate theory and practice through interpersonal and scholarly dialogue with colleagues and faculty; written reflections and assignments; in-depth sharing of personal histories, self reflection; practicing professional ethics and the development of self-directed and ongoing learning.

This is challenging and rewarding journey that you have decided to embark on. While students enrol full-time in the program, the studies are offered in a flexible format that typically extends over a 5 year period. This approach makes it possible to study and still attend to work and relational demands.